St Petersburg #3. Hermitage.

I was in to some culture, and the next day I found some time to realize an old dream of mine: Visiting the Hermitage museum. It is located in seven huge buildings, and its collection is just huge. I concentrated on impressionist paintings, with the side-effect that I didn’t feel like an absolute novice in artibus, because I knew a few works and yelled “Ah! So here you are!” to some of them. Here is a list of the works I liked most. Wonder what they look like? Google them…

Gijsbrecht Lijtens – Winter landscape
Frans Snijders – Fish market
Rinaldo Rinaldi – Taloni
Tizian – portrait Paul III
Louis le Lain – Milkmaid’s family
Rouault – tete de jesus Christ
Picasso – trois femmes (1908)
Gauguin – femmes au bord de la mer
Gauguin – ou vas-tu?
Renoir – L’enfant au fouet
Georges Michel – landscape with mill
Hippolyte de la Roche – Portrait of Henrietta Sontag
Matisse – dance! (my favorite)

After a visit that turned into a bit of a rush near closing time, I headed back through very dirty streets. Yesterday’s snow had turned into a grey ugly mash that entered my shoes. But it was okay. I wrote some six hours, and slept very late.