May 2. The excitement has gone.

We take a bus to Tulcan near the Colombian border. The cemetery here is famous and for good reasons. They have a Christ on the cross cut in the hedge. I really like that Christ cut in the hedge, he looks so friendly. And a lot of animals too. We walk around that cemetery and it is allowed to take pictures. It is really impressive. It must be good to be dead here.
We hang out in Tulcan, Andres’ grandmother offers us a good meal and bananas. We go to a market where I take a photo of a pig’s head and we buy mora and cheese.

From Tulcan it’s only a short ride to the border crossing to Colombia. I say goodbye to my friends and take a small bus to the frontier. Have my document stamped and my money changed. They tried to rip me off. Welcome to Colombia. Another bus terminal in Ipiales, another meal, another bus. The bus to Cali will arrive tomorrow morning.
Traveling this way is boring and I cannot express this boredom in a more exciting and lively way. Could I have expressed it in such a way, there would have been nothing wrong with it. Where has all the excitement gone? I’m sorry.