May 3. Visiting a Cathedral.

Cali didn’t quite seem the place to be. A giant terminal from which I could look over a foggy modern city. Walked around a bit, found out the ATM didn’t work and decided to go to Manizales, the capital of the central coffee growing region. A good cup of coffee is what I neee. That busride takes only about seven hours, and when I get off, I feel like seeing something of this city. It turned out to be a good choice.

It’s nice here in Manizales. I eat in a local restaurant where a man is reading Isabel Allende and then climb the tall Cathedral. The guide is experienced. He does this tour all day long, six days a week. The view from the tower is fascinating. We see a town covered by thick foggy clouds. Still, I don’t want to spend the night here.
I make it to Mendellin very late that night. In the bus terminal they sell good ice-cream all night long and what does a man want more?

Kamiel’s Daily Karma Rule: “Be your own toughest critic”.
Being extremely self-critical is a bitter but very efficient vaccination against the fear of criticism. It can make you almost immune from it.

One thought on “May 3. Visiting a Cathedral.

  1. on your Carma-rule: I am afraid it does not work this way. Even the most bitter self-criticism cannot really make you ready for the criticism of anOTHER person: wherefrom the fear comes. YOUR criticism is familiar, your OWN kid. The one coming from the other surprises, startles, is unexpected and not yet embraced, made your own. It takes some time, maybe some seconds of time, but in any case it happens after the encounter with the other person.

    Have fun Kamiel!

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