July 13.
Yog-hu-ru-tu, Yog-hu-ru-tu, the woman shouts. Yog-hu-ru-tu, where are you? I am watching a children's theater play with joy. The title is "Looking for Yoghurt" and Yoghurt is actually a cat. Yeon, the set designer, is my couchsurfing host. The set is colorful and simple. I like the lighting effects assisting pantomime play on stage, and ...
July 4. Tunnel underneath Mt. Meaning.
We can easily lock ourselves up in the cocoon of our own pleasure. You know what I mean. A nothing-else-matters-attitude, indulging in everything life has to offer and forgetting about what we ourselves have to offer it. We can also evolve. Something like that.
So, good morning. Everything alright?
"Anti-IndustrialismusArbeitet hart, Schweiß auf der ...
June 27. Doing what you do best.
Get up, excercise in Namsan parkTake a cold showerBuy 2 eggs for breakfast and make some coffeeWrite 3-4 hoursGo out, have lunch in a Korean-style small restaurantWrite another 3-4 hours in a caféMeet friends, have dinnerTake a bus home
Shouldn't everyboy be doing what he likes best? With zest and jest? Yest!