November 30. Caritas Egypt.

In the morning, after a good Egyptian breakfast, we visit Caritas Egypt as planned, and I ask a few questions about a center they are running in a more modest neighbourhood of the city. It sounds like they are doing real good work there so I decide to focus more on it and shortly after, we’re on our way to the  caritas center in Mataraya. The director of the center is willing to guide us around, and shows us the different activities and services. Today is the last day of the festival so there aren’t many people around. The atmosphere is good though and we get a nice insight in the role of caritas in this community.
First, we see a group of women sewing and smiling. They are making patchworked Christmas tableclothes. It’s one of the programs the center is offering in the field of adult education. In a second room we are introduced to two mothers who are here with  their mentally disabled children. The children learn how to write and handle daily tasks in a coordinated manner, and their parents learn how to deal with their kids when they are at home with them.

We are also shown the clinic, that offers all basic healthcare services for free to the very poor, and for only seven pounds for others. Social workers assess the level of poverty by home visits. The clinic has won a prize for its level of hygiene.
We continue to see the workplace where professional craftsmen manifacture artificial limbs. They are glad to show us their work.

After work, Mohammed kindly brings me to the airport where I work on my writings while waiting for my 23.25 plane to Nairobi. There are long hours to kill, but I manage to do that successfully and update my internet presence from an overpriced coffee place after security.