February 6. That pretty coast.

Vilanculos/Vilankulo. A picturesque coastal town some 600 kilometers north of Maputo. Stroll along the lush boulevard and lodge in one of the beautiful guesthouses as you prepare for your boatride to the miraculous archipelago of Bazaruto where pristine beaches are awaiting the intrepid traveler and diving courses and whales and… okay, we did go to Vilankulo, but we didn’t imbue.
We hitch a ride from Inhambane to the junction, and another one to the town of Vilankulo where we still have some hours of daylight. A friendly extravagant woman offers us drinks and we eat squid. Yes. Then I swim in the Indian ocean where the water at this time of the year is warm. The atmosphere is nice, the loud music doesn’t annoy me, and we have a pleasant stay.
We spend a part of the night on a straw mat inside the house of one of the people working at the beach restaurant. I see Yeon writing under the stars and bless this peaceful place. Tomorrow we go to Beira, Mocambique’s second city, for our next project – and we are looking forward to it.