February 5. Hitch. Crash.

We hitch from Maputo to Inhambane. In the boiling morning heat we head out by means of a big construction truck. Oswaldo then takes us to the police control point where we need about half an hour to get picked up by a group of funny men. A pack of partying boys that invite us for a ride to Xai-Xai. The atmosphere is merry, the coastal scenery drifts by in the hot afternoon, and the driver cools himself down with – beer.

The crash is cool. It makes my heart pound and a frown of worry is drawn on my face as the rickety car zigzags the narrow road, gets out of control, loses its bumper, cracks its windshield, beer splashes all trough the interior of the car in my face, and lands in a dish.
“Well, you guys keep sober. I think we need another vehicle.”
They are already getting the car back on the road and we wish them best of luck. Another car has already stopped and brings us to an affordable guesthouse where we have a nice dinner and a good night’s sleep.