March 2. The Largest Shopping Mall.

We are off to the mall again. Now you may ask WHY? Isn’t this guy supposed to do charity? Well, actually it’s hard to find the Philippine consulate, and we have some writing to do, and seeing Dubai is interesting. We have some nice food at a street stand, obviously for the local working class that construct all those magnanamous buildings.
If you are born in Dubai it means you are rich and you won’t have to accept any job paying less than say 6000 dollars a month. The desert enclave is ruled by a few large families that have given attractive deals to banks and media houses, bringing a lot of them to the Emirates.
The largest shopping mall in the world. Consumerism in its purest form, Prada Gucci Dior for the sheiks that come here in their big black cars. More money is spent here daily in any of those shops than the entire budget of our Charity Travel, you could think, for example. Why couldn’t Dior just produce responsibly in some cheap labour country and donate the profit for all those handbags to charity? Secretly, of course, because the buyers will find it uncool.

We have dinner with Donia at a nice urban oasis, it is a beautiful evening.