The real truth of infinite growth

Extinguish everyone that is not us, everything that is not human, let every organism go extinct, with the exception of us, homo sapiens, let the mammals die, the reptiles, the bees, the plankton – never mind our primitive ancestors once were dependent on them for their survival. We won’t be. We will have machines to manufacture or print all the molecules we need for our sustenance, and we will optimize the process so we will live on light an silicon. The bottom line is that everything that is not us, and cannot become us, should be destroyed. Some old fashioned critics say that this idea is the result of some deep trauma, somehow the result of nature. As if we were depending on something abstract like nature!

Don’t believe their propaganda! You know better. We need infinite growth. All the numbers say that, all the economists say that. So we need to destroy and replace everything that is not us with machines and then with better machines. That is the only way we can go on forever. Don’t you see it? Don’t you see how it is our moral obligation to destroy everything that is not us? What kind of world would that be, where we would allow something other than us to subsist. Could you even imagine that? Something other than us? That would be so profoundly wrong.

No. We can’t let that happen. But we are doing fine. We are getting rid of 200 species that are not us everyday, and that number is rising. We are also doing good when it comes to diminishing forests and rivers.We are doing what we can to destroy dirty tribal cultures that are not us, and that, too, is rather successful. Furthermore, the oceans will be void of life before we are halfway this century. Once we have gotten rid of biological matter and other unhygienic stuff that is not us, we will devise a plan to get rid of other things.

Some critics say we can never reach the goal of being completely independent of matter. But that is precisely the point! That is what allows us to sustain infinite growth on a finite rock. We are not matter, that is what matters. Once we have materialized ourselves in silicon we will be advanced enough to realize that we are not silicon, which gives us the moral obligation to destroy all silicon. And we will replace it with another element. And then another one. Since that is the ultimate goal of humanity, and the very source of our dignity: infinitely destroying everything that is not us.