Bullying! that’s the solution. All we need is thousands of anonymous people following the decision makers of the big corporations (Monsanto, DOW, Bayer, Pfizer, Shell, Chevron, Conoco, Vale, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, BP, Coca Cola, Nestle, Apple, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, …) everywhere they go. Make graffiti, pee in their gardens, block their garages and lawns, throw firecrackers, empty their tires, make banana peel traps, take away their shoes, pull them a leg, make anonymous phone calls, pile up dirt on their porch, lay bonfires, stain their clothes, cut their shoelaces, send fake love letters to their homes to make their wives angry, drop ants in their mailboxes, put glue on their door handles, cut the electricity line that goes into their homes, smash their windows, block the exhaust of their cars, put a laxative in their drinks, send them spam e-mails, take their mail out of their mailbox, set fire on their trashcans, put used woman’s panties where their wives can see them, record their voice when they speak their destructive minds and publish it on wikileaks, put used toilet paper on their doorstep,

And make sure not to get arrested. And never stop. Never ever stop.

If they hire security firms to protect themselves, start bullying the head of the security firm.

Create an anonymous website with concrete demands: Your corporation needs to stop doing this and this, otherwise the bullying will not stop. The bullying has to become a natural fact, as sure as the sunset.

Make sure that being a decision maker of such a corporation – as long as the decisions are for-profit and against the needs of our planet, simply MEANS making your own life a living hell.

Most addresses of these people are known. Why didn’t we do this before? Oh, yes, because it might actually work. Bullying, just like in elementary school. And it’s great fun. When did you ever bully with a strong moral conviction that you are doing the RIGHT thing?

These bankers, CEOs, investors, shareholders, fund managers, lobbyists, lawyers, they will stand up in the boardroom and say “Yes I know it will diminish our profits next year but I want my life back” and key is that whoever else is in the boardroom agrees – because they are bullied too.