Finally thought I understood something about the Internet

What follows is the post scriptum for a facebook group I founded, entitled Future sustainable living village, a group I couldn’t continue to be a member of for reasons explained below

This group was started by me a few months ago to seriously consider a future sustainable living group using a facebook “group”.
But seems to be impossible.

“Social intelligence” is reduced to an absolute minimum in our days. Instead, we click on everything we think we like. We are not able to make use of these “social media”

This might sound like an impatient verdict. Please don’t take it too seriously. You can go on and use this group – I can’t because it is the opposite of what I would have liked it to be: the coordination of a group of people who want to build such a village. The majority of the members have not contributed anything.

I have tried. Created a series of websites and pages, not to replace personal contact, but to facilitate the same. It doesn’t work at all. People “join” but it doesn’t mean anything.

I am sad. This takes a lot of work. And there is no response. That’s not because people don’t care. It’s because it is not clear what is meant. And that is the problem with the virtual world. If you create a group called “ice cream after school” you will have a million members, but none of them would even think this is to organize the distribution of ice cream after school.

We live in a virtual world and to me, that is dangerous. It leads to inaction and further enslavement.

I retreat. I don’t like these kind of groups anymore, where I’m shouting and whatever I say is turned in something virtual, artificial, like-able.

I am building my own future sustainable house, and all of you are really welcome. But what I have learned is that the Internet is exactly not the place to organize around anything serious.

May the blessings of mother earth be upon you.