Going to the Theatre


The title story, about the little fish Tiddler, reminded me of the Derridian point that there is no meta-narrative. Three fishermen caught Tiddler, whose story was that he always made up excuses why he was too late for school, stories that were never believed, until one day he was got stuck in a net and only found his way home after a long day of adventures. The story of Tiddler itself was shared with us, the audience, by the fishermen, who were so real in their yellow raincoats, that it made me happy.

Another tale is about a giant buying new clothes to become the “smartest giant in town”. He subsequently gave away all his clothes to animals who needed them more, like a giraffe with a cold neck who got to wear the tie. In the end, the giant was almost naked, and lamented his bitter lot. The animals returned to crown him the “kindest giant in town”.

The frame story of the monkey who lost his mommy was lovely, too (and I’m not going to give away its conclusion).

I was proud to sit in the audience, looking at the set design (which was well done) and listening to the stories. I realized once again how important it is for our children to experience live stage arts, rather than screened, canned, uniform entertainment.