Everything exists!

Here is the best advice for the 21th century: if you think you have a brilliant new idea, look it up on the Internet first. Chances are, there already exists something very similar. If newness was not your goal, all is not lost and you can still enjoy your idea.

But if you get off on creating new things, we live in a time where having a computer with an Internet connection can take away a lot of our inspiration, not just by distracting us, but also by wiping the belief that we could discover or create something that has never been here before.

Of course, that’s nothing compared to the 22th century, when we can google things into existence.

You don’t believe me? Let me look up a few things into existence for you (without images, you won’t find that anywhere else on the web):

The Bananasaurus Rex (my daughter made it up, but alas, it already existed)

A man with two penises

Baby born with three penises (I guess we could say “baby boy”)

Man who wrote more than 1000 books

Dog with two tails

Woman who survived a fall from 10.000 m

Vaping sperm

Guitar made of skeleton

You get the idea. I lied about the pictures. Here is the Bananasaurus Rex.