Since it has become part of my daily life I would like to describe once again my thoughts about coping with bullshit labor. Bullshit jobs, to me, are characterized by a complete lack of meaning. No matter how hard you try, you can't discern a core of value in a bullshit job, and this is ...
Authoritarian upbringing: If you misbehave, you don't get any food. Modern parenting: If you misbehave, your food won't taste good.
Civilization is the ability to believe in a justification for our cruelty.
It doesn't matter much if we have hope now. Will we have hope when a majority of people are literally dying to improve our lot?
Trump vs. Sanders
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to defend a value that can resist those who promote it
Robert Creeley (1926-2005)
This poem by Robert Creeley perfectly fits Bernie Sander's campaign. “I want, if older, / still to know / why, human, men / and women are / so torn, so lost / why hopes cannot / find a better world / than this.”
The most important function of the economic operating system is not to get capital together, but to get heads together
the nonsense of infinite growth just distracts from the fact that we will all wither and die
Short Climate Temper
During a ride share with Blablacar from Berlin to Utrecht there was a little incident. A Peruvian passenger ignited my anger when he agreed with developing country's leaders who are selling out their natural resources, such as Ecuador's president Rafael Correa does with his country's oil reserves that happens to be underneath tropical forest. "Fuck ...
TTIP means throwing democracy overboard for the financial security of the wealthy elite
Bullshit Job Rap
We perform empty tasks to protect the status quo of the one percent Hell-bent on endless wealth multiplication and profit enlargement The fruit of our labor is trickling bottom-up on the escarpment We're the indentured workers who slave for money just to pay our rent "It's the economy, stupid" preaches Donald Trump who knows how ...
Class Society
Bring it on, I hear myself thinking. Our economic reality is called class society. The wealthy one percent accumulates more and this seems to be a law of capitalism itself - we all know how the story goes. Given my pet dogma that makes saving our planet for future generations an absolute priority, I ask ...
... is not that working over the Internet allows us to survive without becoming captives of the infinite growth System. Revolutionary is that we can earn well enough online to extract resources from that System and use them to build a sustainable, resilient, steady-state economy -