In foreign places I become a mere observer of life, a smile suspended in between the heavens of my imagination and the flat earth of the toiling people. I look out of the window, squint my dry eyes and gaze in the wild distance. The people on the marketplace this morning, I was not part ...
Netpoetry #11
Perform your bullshit jobs on music and a 30 minutes task becomes just too short for a Mozart sonata
Authoritarian upbringing: If you misbehave, you don't get any food. Modern parenting: If you misbehave, your food won't taste good.
Dear Miru, There lives an intuition in me that wants you to be fearless. I know that fear has a vital function, but it only works when you experience it against the background of fearlessness. When your mind is troubled by unprocessed phobias, the fear that might have saved you will become useless and irrational. ...
On Education
Dear Miru, Today, I want to tell you about Education. Even if we would want them to, our children don't accept the concept of schooling as the transfer of a canon of established facts. They are so much used to Wikipedia and Google that it would be practically impossible to convince them that carrying knowledge ...
Coming out
When people ask me "when are you publishing"? It sounds to me like "when are you coming out?" Well, with everything I do I am coming out. I am always coming out.
At the Zoo
About a month ago, I took Miru to the Tierpark Berlin. When we entered the large park, she had no expectation and did what she does best: smiling at the guys who checked our tickets and nagging for a candy she sees in the hand of an other child. I, on the other hand, had ...
Bird watching with Miru
Miru and I found ourselves on the church square in the village of Vimeiro in the Alentejo region of Portugal. A father and his daughter. In the portico in front of a church, where we sat down because of the shade we looked up and there were swallow nests between the naves of the dome. Miru ...
Try this #2
Stop for a moment with what you are doing and imagine how it could become a story. Now picture yourself telling that story. Who do you see in the audience?
try this #1
... look in the mirror with a very serious face and rehearse saying "only for the money? I couldn't do it"
Music from every country
I like to discover new music, but I don't like the algorithmic approach that calculates suggestions and tends to make us listen to whatever most people listen to. Yes, online music listening services tell us that they let us "discover" new music, but I miss something essential. I miss the romantic idea of discovering by coincident. Of course, I can ...