Survivors say:

Survivors say:
The bones of those who did not want strong enough
are the foundation of our level playing field.
Yet survivors are not reckless.
There are only survivors.
Ours is a lineage of survivors.

Convenient Store

Convenient Store This one here is a microwave world, we are sheltering our love from love. I sit down in a convenient store. I drink a cup of coffee. I look at the plastic bottles with pink lids standing on the shelves like proud flamingos. They are indestructible promises of freedom, their feet ringed with

Facebook Psycho

I friended you, you didn’t friend me back,
which left me feeling powerless indeed:
despite my wounded longing to attack,
the software wouldn’t mark you “enemied.”
And so, of course, I had to move offline
to properly avenge your cyber-slap—
with help from this devoted blade of mine.
There’s nothing like an old-school killer app. – Melissa Balmain

Meditation on Beauty

Begin with breathing, as usual. Today we think about beauty. Let us be aware of all the preconceptions and just look at them in our mind. Symmetrical patterns. Some sort of similarity with things we expect to give us pleasure. An evolutionary side effect like a peacock feathers that for the female peacock are not

Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.
William Shakespeare

Reading: Green Grapes by Yuk-Sa Lee

Yi Korean original: 청포도(靑葡萄) – 이육사 내 고장 칠월은 청포도가 익어 가는 시절. 이 마을 전설이 주저리주저리 열리고 먼 데 하늘이 꿈꾸며 알알이 들어와 박혀, 하늘 밑 푸른 바다가 가슴을 열고 흰 돛 단 배가 곱게 밀려서 오면, 내가 바라는 손님은 고달픈 몸으로 청포(靑袍)를 입고 찾아온다고 했으니, 내 그를 맞아 이 포도를 따 먹으면 두

A street

yesterday the street I live in became new to me I saw blushing windows in its bend and wound-up cars following the curvature the signs on the rooftops read names I had not noticed before behind a rusty gate the glimpse of an overgrown trellis the scent of blossom rushing in from another season in

Meditation on friendship

Close your eyes. Breathe calmly. You sit here alone, master of your own thoughts. Imagine I am talking to you. I want to know what friendship means. Quickly, construct a differentiation. Which opposite op ‘friend’ have you found? Mere acquaintance? Or: enemy? But what can we say about a thing of which we cannot determine the

The Good Life

Mark likes to play computer games. In real life he fixes televisions. There are solder spots on his hands, when he sends his armies to the front lines. Paul, who measures buildings before they are inhabited, enjoys spinning a lifetime of infinities in his mind. Oscar, the media guy, prefers sitting in the sun. Justine


When I was born, my parents planted a birch tree in our back garden. I could not see it from my room at the front of the house. The room in which I read my Winnetou, in which I touched a breast for the first time. The room I painted ocher, and decorated with beer

Small big data

Today’s hype is Big Data. As with other hypes, such as ‘sharing economy’, ‘cloud’, ‘blockchain’, the hype is simultaneously promoted as a commercial instrument that is indispensable for companies and as a pervasive phenomenon that redefines the fabric of society. Every big corporation sits on a heap of big data about their customers. Statistical analysis

Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself. – Salman Rushdie