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Hi. I see that you don’t update your website too often. Recently one of my clients, a retired member of the Angola’s state oil firm (SONANGOL) mandated me to move and re-invest his liquid assets to a country with high economic possibility for investment and profit purpose as well as safe keeping to be managed

The meaning of life is thus a bit like playing with a live hand grenade. Once you pass it on to somebody else, you are safe. – Yuval Noah Harari

Lyrics: Andrew Bird

We often overlook how important poetry is in our society. Our identities are nearly unthinkable without the poetic, artful language that we share. We just don’t call it poetry. We call it slogans. We call it sayings. And above all, we call it lyrics. Take the pop violinist and singer Andrew Bird. Here is a

Reading: Light by Charles Simic

Fellow Dutch poet Willem Thies shared this short poem from the book “The lunatic” by Charles Simic on social media. I forward it here. The light Our thoughts like it quiet In this no-bird dawn, Like the way the early light Takes the world as it finds it And makes no comment About the apples

The Impossible Art of Instagram Poetry

Poetry adapts. It can permeate every medium, play with every medium, turn every medium into its proper form. There is no need for a theoretical underpinning. Poetry can. But poetry can not just “be”. It has to happen, too. All the efforts to put poetry on the street, among the ‘normal people’ hinge on what