I fell in love three times

A few months ago, in a period of soul-searching that can happen to the best of us, I fell in love three times. I try to be a faithful poetic observer and report to you how exactly that happened. Why did we break up? Was I getting bored? Was I eventually overtaken by fate, that

A Meditation on power

Find a comfortable place to sit. Be aware of your posture. Is your back straight, are your knees below your waist? Breathe in calmly and deeply. Focus on the phenomenon of power. When have you experienced power over another living being or another living being exercising power over you? How did it feel? Is the

Most obscure poet

I google “most obscure poet” and I find poets whose obscurity has become a brand A certain mr. Puce from a town named Truth and Consequences was engaged in wordplay A lady wrote three poems a day by the time when she was eighty the boxes had reached the ceiling Meanwhile, a child knows obscurity