June 26. MJ.
Outer space, comin' in. Got some Joycean interminglings here, I'm gut at it. Get rugged again, ruggged and tough like Miller and Hemingway and thick-fingered writers with a typewriter in a suitcase with a strong smell of leather. I want more words, more sounds, braid and weave them to a napkin of language you can ...
June 25. A Nobel Writer.
I walk around the Namdaemung area, and enter the famous market. A Japanese history writer takes me into his friend's Ginseng store. He has written some books about Korean-Japanese history.
"Five books. But I still very poor."
-"Aren't most writers?"
"You will have success. Be Nobel writer."
His friend smiles. "Nobel writer." he repeats nodding ...
June 25. Pleasures.

Seoul is a city of pleasures. I mean, it's a brilliantly composed ouverture to heaven with all its incredible restaurants, comfortable private cinemas (DVD-bang), relaxing saunas, karaokebars, 24-hour-nightlife, well-kept parks, shining glass facades facing every street - and quiet Buddhist temple retreats.

I start resuscitating my hibernating writer side today, so blog entries ...
June 25. Seven Lively Sins.
Let's do nothing today! Look around a bit, peek in a bookstore, and read some theater. Walk the busy center of Seoul, observe the people moving on and off. I am shocked that Namdaemun, the "Great South Gate" has been burnt down by some lunatic protesting againt the incumbent president. It is perhaps the most ...
June 21. How are you today?
"Hi, how are you today?"
-"Could have been worse."
"How's business?"
-"What business?"
"The forgetting business."
-"Ah, that one. No idea."
"You know the proverb, do you?"
"No news is good news."
-"You got a point there."

All we want to do is optimize. Maybe we should abandon the believe that what is ...
June 17. Another day in Taipei.
Another day in Taipei. We see a real buddhist temple and people praying and worshipping. I watch their movements without being interested in the web of meaning that causes their piety. They are just chanting, waving incense sticks and bowing for their goddess. The temple seems peaceful to me. What else? It's just another busy ...
June 16. Taipei.
Eight hours of time difference demand their toll - I'm tired. I'll keep it short today, I've got other things to do. We walk around downtown Taipei, trying to understand this booming big city, eating lots of streetfood because that's what Taipei is famous for. What else? Chinese neonlights are overwhelming. I would be lost ...
June 14. Swinging it at Venice Beach and the Griffith Observatory.
The duodenum secretes a protective mucus to prevent it from digesting itself.
Los Angeles is huge but you already know that. What's on the travel menu today? It's all very neat. Venice beach is great fun. I see a couple of weirdos and the place where Arnold Schwarzenegger used to lift weights when he came ...
June 12. Meet Sergio, the guard.
The morning and me, we have a very short meeting. She decides to leave after half an hour. It's almost noon. Let's have breakfast! And then off to the historical center to walk around and take photographs. That center is not big and quite orderly structured; it's a good idea to explore it on foot. ...
June 10. This is a big city.
The bus penetrates Mexico city profoundly. I can walk up to the central square (Zocalo) where the cathedral and the government palace are facing each other. I'll do that tomorrow. First let me arrive in this city, so tenderly called "Deye Effe" by its twenty-one million inhabitants. The bus is parking, I get out, strap ...
June 6. Tikal.
I get up at 5am to take the early morning bus to the heritage site of Tikal. It's cooler in the morning and you have a greater chance to spot a lot of animals. A comfortable shuttle bus takes me there (gee - am I writing a travelguide here? Can I be more boring? I ...