July 1. Still in Malaysia.

Summer is well underway and we crash into a Malaysian July, about to leave the northern hemisphere and turn things around. My memory of this day is faded, but I think we have visited an huge cave complex, photographed the golden statue with restless pigeons swarming around it. And the stray monkeys clambering on the stairs and swinging their way between the lenses that try to capture them, especially the ones that carry a baby. Inside the cave it is dripping and humid. Yes, that must have been it: a visit to the Batu caves just outside Kuala Lumpur. Or did we visit the informal school for Myanmar refugees. That is an interesting story as well. The Malaysian government is not doing enough to support them, and even with UN refugee status, their lives are far from easy. We support a privite initiative by an amazing young woman with bright sapphire eyes. It’s either of these two things, or both, that I have done on august first.