Give us the courage to think for ourselves
to question the authority that lives in us
When blackness befalls the history we make
Don’t seduce us to become what we hate most
In the name of the father, the son, and the holocaust.

Profession: poet

I am a poet. Where do I work? In a bank. In a bakery. At a gas station. At a convenient store Or in a flower shop. The people just need me around While they go about their business, I sit in silence I don’t say a word but the people know they know a

For Octavio Paz

I read in a poem by Octavio Paz: The word of man is the laughter of death. When I look again it says: The word of man is the daughter of death. We talk because we are mortal: words are not signs, they are years. I close my eyes and smile. Paz is the poet

Pop-up human

I am a pop-up human put me anywhere pop me up in the street: exposure guaranteed. Your target group can sample the human brand / all from a temporary stand. I am a pop-up human with traces of life on my face 100% authentic, foldable at the knees trust me, we can talk about the

Reading: The Meaning of Simplicity by Yannis Ritsos

Let’s do another Ritsos (1909-1990) poem today. I’ve read ‘Injustice’ before but felt like more Ritsos. You are looking at a translation by Edmund Keeley here, quoted (not ‘reprinted’!) from an anthology of international poetry: The Meaning of Simplicity I hide behind simple things so you’ll find me; if you don’t find me, you’ll find the


The poet has the high command He lines up his cavalry of tin words In the beginning he polished them He was still learning at the time Now the poet is the barbarian who changed clothes with their general And then orders them to charge at him and there they come – How sweet their

Message to the future

I risk an early death by sitting down for this so listen: my clavicles move like daggers to write cut-throat poetry for you no jokes. no mirrors. This here is a message you cannot unread. Also, it ages less quickly than we do. When you and I have turned into dust, this thing will be

For though I’m small, I know many things,
and my body is an endless eye
through which, unfortunately, I see everything. – Gloria Fuentes