Leap Year

Today, let us delay into this world into wishing the world to each other today let us hinge for heaven’s sake on a truth untold, like falcons braving the cold air over a silent lake today is a flake of time, a fold in which we can whisper our desires to the precious ears of

Canned Laughter

the day I found out
that god didn’t exist
was like any other day
I was eating the apple
during school break
observed by the boys that
would steal my glasses
I could not imagine back then
that the laughing you hear
when you watch tv
isn’t real

Democratization of News (sketch)

I have the following simple idea: a news aggregation tool that pulls news items from Internet sources and applies a fully democratic weighting process. The news items are presented as a time line or a world map. Problem 1. How can the aggregation tool decide which Internet sources to trust? I assume, for reasons of simplicity

On Education

Dear Miru, Today, I want to tell you about Education. Even if we would want them to, our children don’t accept the concept of schooling as the transfer of a canon of established facts. They are so much used to Wikipedia and Google that it would be practically impossible to convince them that carrying knowledge


n she has spotted another A. Together, we admire the slanted serifs, or robust legs of the glyphs she has found in a shop window, a street name or on the license plate of a car. Today, her world is now full of As, where yesterday there were not even bovine heads. Miru is absorbed