the joy of writing

self-awareness boils in your bloodstream you feel immersed in the wanton inflation of the infinite hole that homes you, and keeps you dissolving into that heightened state of mind, so you can push the buttons or beings loopiness. now two minds in such a state will smile at each other as two monads, on a

Leap Year

Today, let us delay into this world into wishing the world to each other today let us hinge for heaven’s sake on a truth untold, like falcons braving the cold air over a silent lake today is a flake of time, a fold in which we can whisper our desires to the precious ears of

Canned Laughter

the day I found out
that god didn’t exist
was like any other day
I was eating the apple
during school break
observed by the boys that
would steal my glasses
I could not imagine back then
that the laughing you hear
when you watch tv
isn’t real

Democratization of News (sketch)

I have the following simple idea: a news aggregation tool that pulls news items from Internet sources and applies a fully democratic weighting process. The news items are presented as a time line or a world map. Problem 1. How can the aggregation tool decide which Internet sources to trust? I assume, for reasons of simplicity