Merry Christmas
News UpdateDecember 8 - December 24, 2010. Mellensee, BerlinA lot has happened - one year ago we were celebrating Christmas in Kenya as we were building the Rainbow Center. Now we are working on our book and website from a 'datscha' near Berlin.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our ...
News Update
News Update
November 3 - November 19. Berlin, Mellensee.As the weather turned drizzling dreary, we were working on chapters of the charity travel book, as well as Yeon's children illustration book. Met with but their workload is too high- together we decided a seperate website for independent volunteers is a good idea. We want ...
October 19: News Update
News Update
October 19-November 2. Tilburg, Berlin, Mellensee.We stayed a few more days in the Netherlands and Kamiel gave a newspaper interview for "Brabants Dagblad". Then we shared a ride to Berlin and saw many of his old friends. We now stay in Mellensee, a quiet village some 30km south of Berlin and are writing ...
October 4 – 18. News Update
News Update
October 4-18. Tilburg, Amsterdam, Utrecht.
After our presentation in New York, we traveled to the Netherlands to attend the wedding of Kamiel's brother and meet his family. On October 15, we presented Charity Travel at the Monticus Montessori school in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, we started writing on the CT-book and worked on the last ...
Camillus House
Camillus House Homeless Shelter
October 1st, 2010. Miami.This year, Miami's famous homeless shelter "Camillus House" celebrates its 50th anniversary and moves to a new location. They will continue supporting the people of the street with counseling, medical assistance, activities, education, food and shelter. Kamiel visits and gets a good impression.

Name:Camillus HouseAim:To ...
Você pode mudar o mundo viajando?
Você pode mudar o mundo viajando? Claro, existem pessoas excêntricas que percorrem o mundo e nos permitem patrociná-los, ou ricos filantrópicos que fazem uma sopa no deck da cozinha do seu iate. Mas e as pessoas normais, aqueles que pagam impostos? Além das conhecidas viagens ecológicas e socialmente corretas nós não podemos fazer muito mais. ...
COMPA, El Alto, Bolivia
September 22-28, 2010. El Alto, Bolivia.In the high satellite city of El Alto above La Paz, there is one of the most amazing Community Art Centers we've ever seen: COMPA. Established 1989 they have a wealth of experience playing social theatre for disadvantaged people throughout Bolivia. We paint part of the ...
Fundación Ñanta, Sucre, BoliviaSeptember 19-20. Sucre, BoliviaThere are about 6,000 working children in Sucre, and half of them are independent, working as shoe-shiners, car-washers or selling items on the street. They often work under terrible conditions and drop out of school. Foundations such as Ñanta guide them towards a hopeful future through cultural activities, healthcare, ...
Charity Travel
Charity Travel to samodzielna, wielka, pelna przygód podróz dookola swiata, laczaca ekscytujace podrózowanie ze wspieraniem maloskalowych projektów charytatywnych, w ten sposób inspirujaca innych (mlodych) podrózników do podazania za naszym przykladem. Charity Travel pragnie pokazac, iz w obecnych czasach mozna ominac wielkie biurokracje i pracowac indywidualnie z malymi organizacjami charytatywnymi, które naprawde potrzebuja pomocy.
Kladziemy nacisk ...
Asociación Sucrense de Ecologia
Asociación Sucrense de Ecologia
Sucre. September 17, 2010.
Environmental education and awareness creation is important in a country like Bolivia, that is sitting on a wealth of natural resources and needs its citizens to be thoughtful about exploitation and environmental issues in general - for the sake of future generations.

Name:Asociación ...
Charity Travel
Charity Travel (CT) is an independent large adventurous journey around the world, combining exciting traveling with supporting small-scale charity projects, thereby inspiring other (young) travelers to follow the example. Charity Travel wants to show that nowadays it is possible to bypass large bureaucracies and individually work with small charities that really need help. The emphasis ...
We will publish ideas that are relevant for Charity Travel here, that can be thoughts or things.

Thoughts are for example related with the management of NGOs, the improvement of charity-platforms on the internet, the establishment of trust-networks, de-growth, microfinance, car-sharing, why we should help the underprivileged, the state of humanity, the plight of ...
Open Letter to KIVA
introducing a scale
working with MFI, also with regular NGOs
benefit wider outreach, efficient lending

Serve at least 1,000 active borrowers with microfinance services
Have a history (at least 2-3 years) of lending to poor, excluded, and/or vulnerable people for the purpose of alleviating poverty or reducing vulnerability
Be registered as a legal entity ...
Casa del Niño
Casa del NiñoSalta, Argentina. September 11, 2010.The poverty in the province of Salta is not directly visible from the capital's fancy street cafés, yet hundreds of thousands of people live in slum areas around the city, and poverty is ubiquitous in the region. Casa del Niño supports impoverished, often terminally ill children by giving them ...
Ko’eju Asunción
Ko'eju, Chacarita, AsunciónSeptember 7-8. Asunción.On the stretch of land between the Bay of Asunción and the pink parliament building is the famous Barrio Chacarita, where hundreds of poor families are living. Ko'eju is a Christian organisation offering vocational training and gatherings. We support a family with equipment to set up a micro-business that sells juice ...
List of resources
Books and Articles
Bill Clinton, Giving
le monde diplomatique, Atlas of Globalisation
Oxfam, The pocket humanitarian handbook

Movies and Videos
The Story of Stuff by Ann Leonard
Obama's Speech in Berlin Cameron's special feature about the dam at Belo Monte
Michael Moore in Norway
We feed the World | Food, Inc. | The Future ...
LIFE Argentina
L.I.F.E. ArgentinaBuenos Aires, August 30-September 1.In Buenos Aires there are certain areas, like Villa Ciudad Oculta, that you can't find on the map. They often don't have clean drinking water, electricity or gas, and the police won't enter there. The local ngo LIFE Argentina organizes events for children, supports soup kitchens and delivers school supplies. ...
Nuestra Casa
Nuestra Casa shelterSantiago de Chile. August 23, 2010.Nuestra Casa is a unique shelter for the homeless, supporting and encouraging their clients on their way back into society. The organization provides affordable food and shelter for 30 homeless men in Santiago and organizes activities to reintegrate them. They generate 51% of the home's income themselves, doing ...